Established Facts Regarding Earthquake in Arcadia, LA

The city of Arcadia is regarded a precious gem among the communities of Los Angeles. Renowned for its efforts to maintain and enhance the “green space” (with respect to the environment), the city is marked by warm, friendly and beautiful neighborhoods. Any number of television shows (for example, Fantasy Island) and movies have been shot here. Films such as Matilda, Step Brothers and War of The Worlds, as well as several important scenes of Mission Impossible 3, were filmed in Arcadia. Numerous famed celebrities like Michael Anthony, Jet Li, Johnny Lindell, Wil Wheaton are from Arcadia.
Arcadia Facts
ZIP Codes- 91006-91007
Area Codes- 626
Population- 56,364
County- Los Angeles
State- California
The City Of Arcadia
An in-depth analysis of all the factors that lead to earthquakes of any magnitude, demonstrates that in Arcadia there is an extremely good chance of frequent earthquakes of 5.0 magnitude or more. If reports are to be believed, there is a high probability (92.849%) that a damage-causing natural calamity (earthquake) of magnitude 5.4 would hit the city in the next few decades. It may extend over a distance of 30 miles.

For a city which in recent years has been elected as one of the “Most Apt Cities to Raise Your Children: 2010” twice in a row, it would be unfortunate and a grave loss if any damage caused by earthquakes affects the kids, too.

Earthquake Retrofitting
To reduce these inevitable earthquakes’ potential to cause damaging effects to your property — not to mention your family — our team at CXC Contracting cannot stress strongly enough the importance of investigating earthquake retrofitting.
Foundation Repair
Minor as well as major earthquakes lead to a considerable amount of ground shaking. Such ground shaking can indeed weaken the foundation of every residential structure that comes into its zone. Keeping in mind the high frequency of earthquakes’ occurrence in Arcadia, foundation repair by CXC Contracting is a necessary life-saving requirement. Repairing a foundation before another episode of earthquake strikes will save you and your family from further loss of money, property and LIFE.

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