Camarillo, CA and Earthquake Possibility

The City of Camarillo
The aesthetically beautiful city of Camarillo is a flourishing community in the heart of Ventura County. It puts forth an interesting blend of rustic and suburban lifestyles. This city is home to the renowned tennis players – Bob and Mike Bryan, Jessica Mendoza and the Hollywood heartthrob Brandon Cruz.

Many successful motion pictures like the Pearl Harbor, Iron Eagle, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, and Friday the 13th: A New Beginning were shot in Camarillo.

Numerous ultramodern companies operate from the city of Camarillo. The business atmosphere and the standards of living are matchless amounting to the rapid growth of this city.

Camarillo Facts
ZIP codes: 93010-93012
Area codes: 805
Population: 65,201
County: Ventura
State: California
Probability of Earthquakes
The USGS publications show a whopping 93.957% probability of a powerful earthquake within 31 miles of Camarillo, California in approaching 50 years. The potency of the quake in 1994 within 100 miles of Camarillo, California at a 6.7 Magnitude is still afresh in the minds of many citizens.

As you would agree with me, an earthquake is one of the most dreaded natural calamities that can ruin all the belongings in your most precious investment — your home. Why not act wise today and make your house ready to withstand any such disaster in the future?

Earthquake Retrofit and Foundation Repair
CXC assesses the structure and foundation of your household for any weakness and executes reinforcements to make it sturdy against the risk of an earthquake. It carries out processes like earthquake retrofit and foundation repair customized for your needs.

Earthquake retrofit means upgrading the existing structural foundation to ensure that a house or a building doesn’t slip from its base when a major or minor tremor strikes. Foundation repair is another extremely necessary process as a measure of proactively preparing for any future seismic calamity.

CXC employs the most modern and affordable techniques to ensure safety and security for your household. This one-time investment is worth it as it helps shed your worries about safeguarding your family if an earthquake strikes in future.

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