Earthquake Facts about Costa Mesa CA

From its origins as an agricultural economy, the city of Costa Mesa today has a thriving retail industry. Situated in Orange County, Costa Mesa houses the South Coast Plaza, known for its size and architecture. The Plaza’s more than 322 stores and award winning restaurants generate more than billion dollars in sales annually. Though retail and service sector are the main drivers of the Costa Mesa economy, the city has light manufacturing industry too.
Costa Mesa Facts
Zip codes: 92626-28
Areas codes: 714/949
Population: 109960
County: Orange County
State: California
The City of Costa Mesa
Employment and business opportunities in Costa Mesa are good and so are the education opportunities with its 26 public schools. Recreation is afforded by its municipal golf course and numerous public parks. The city plays host to the annual Orange County Fair every July that receives more than a million visitors. The Pacific Amphitheatre adjacent to the fair grounds has had performances by Madonna, Bill Cosby and many more celebrities.

Quality of life in Costa Mesa is certainly above average. The only cause of concern in this otherwise near perfect city is the high earthquake risk on account of its geological location.

As per the USGS database, there is a very high probability (91%) that an earthquake measuring above 5.0 in magnitude will occur within 31 miles of Costa Mesa in the next 50 years. Older residents may recall the damages caused by a 1992 earthquake that measured 7.2 in magnitude, with its epicenter within a 100 mile radius of the city. So you can imagine the devastation that can be caused to your home if the epicenter moves closer.

How do you protect Your Home?
Earthquake retrofitting and foundation repairs can help protect your home from damage during earthquake. CXC Contracting offers earthquake retrofitting services like cripple wall bracing, which ensure that your home remains standing during a major earthquake.

Cripple wall is a short wall that connects the floor of your house to the foundation. Constant sub-surface upheavals in Costa Mesa can make the cripple wall weak. The weak wall, when subjected to forceful motions during a major earthquake can buckle inwards or slide sideways or completely gets displaced from the foundation causing major destruction to your property. The financial losses aside, the life of your loved ones is at risk and so are the memories associated with your home.

The foundation is the basic source of support for your home. When the foundation is compromised either due to a prior earthquake or some other reason, naturally, the house is more vulnerable to damage during earthquakes. CXC Contracting foundation repair solutions help prevent that.

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