Earthquake Retrofitting in Glendale, LA – Alleviating the Disastrous Effects

Glendale has its own industrial and economic importance as the third largest city in Los Angeles. Glendale is home to Bob’s Big Boy chain of eateries famous for lip-smacking hamburgers and world’s favorite ice-cream brand, Baskin Robbins. The multinational Swiss giant Nestlé and software biggies like Nero AG and Panda Security handle their principal operations from this city.

Dream Works Animation, co-founded by Sir Steven Spielberg, The Walt Disney Company and Disney’s KABC-TV have their massive campuses located in the heart of the city of Glendale, LA.

Glendale, LA – Facts
ZIP Codes: 91201-91210, 91221, 91222, 91225, 91226
Area Codes: 818
Population: 191,719
County: Los Angeles
State: California
Earthquake Prone Geography
Glendale is one of those cities in Southern California sitting on a high-probability earthquake belt. Threat of one of the most feared natural calamities, which could tear apart your smooth and peaceful life, looms large over Glendale, LA.

The USGS records show that there is a 95.894% possibility of a major seismic activity within 31 miles of Glendale, Los Angeles within the next few decades. The Northridge earthquake in 1994 was centered at about 18 miles from Glendale, with an enormity of 6.7 on the seismic scale. These alarming statistics are of grave concern for the fast economic growth that the city has witnessed in the recent years.

Earthquake Retrofitting
The foundation of a house or a building is most likely to be damaged in case a major tremor hits the city. The best solution to avoid trembling and hence probable destruction of the foundation is retrofitting it for earthquakes. In this process the existing foundation is strengthened so that the structural damages in an event of an earthquake can be nullified, hence saving your most important investment from demolishing.
Foundation Repair
The CXC has a team of experienced and knowledgeable personnel who inspect your home and the foundation for the possible damage due to an impending earthquake. They then devise the best plan to safeguard your house against any major or minor tremors. The affordable foundation repair services offered by CXC are priceless in preserving all the dearest treasures in your abode of peace and happiness.

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