Earthquake Facts about Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is the official ‘Surf City’ of the USA. Located in Orange County, it has the largest population amongst all seaside cities in Southern California. As with other cities in this area, Huntington Beach too had underground oil reserves which caused a population boom and established the city. Today the oil has dried up, but Huntington Beach retains its wet character thanks to the long uninterrupted stretch of sheltered warm beaches.
Huntington Beach Facts
Zip codes: 92605, 92615, 92646-92649
Area codes: 714/657
Population: 189992
County: Orange County
State: California
The City of Huntington Beach
Construction of any kind is prohibited on Huntington Beach, affording a clear view of the ocean and keeping it uncluttered and scenic. The sport of surfing was introduced in Huntington Beach in 1925. The official home of the USA surf team is Huntington Beach and the city is the base for the Association of Surfing Professionals North America. The city beaches offer some of the best surfing breaks in Southern California. The world surfing championships are held annually in Huntington Beach. The city also hosts the independent SoCal Film Festival annually.

The surf and beach character indicate a ‘fun’ city. But as we know, an earthquake is anything but fun and Huntington Beach, like other cities in Orange County, is highly vulnerable to earthquakes.

Huntington Beach Earthquake Risk
The USGS database says that the chances of an earthquake greater than magnitude 5.0 occurring within 31 miles distance of the city are as high as 93%. An even more destructive 5.6 magnitude earthquake has 70% chances of occurring. While these odds are scary, it is possible to minimize the damage to your home and property by suitable earthquake proofing methods.
Earthquake Retrofitting and Foundation Repairs in Huntington Beach
CXC Contracting earthquake retrofit solutions are designed to protect your home from damage during major earthquakes measuring 7.0 and above. The probability of such an earthquake occurring within 31 miles of Huntington Beach is just 13%. So our earthquake retrofitting can confidently offer 100% protection against damage during the more common, but lesser in magnitude earthquakes. Our foundation repair services restore the strength to the foundation, so that is supports your home better. With adequate foundation reinforcing and earthquake retrofitting, you can forget the worries about your home and danger to your loved ones.

This will help you better enjoy your surfing at the beach.

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