Earthquake Facts about La Habra, CA

La Habra is a city located in the northernmost corner of Orange County in California. The city’s motto is ‘La Habra — A Caring Community’. On its official website, the La Habra City Council explains that this is more than a motto, and reflects the City staff’s commitment towards making the community a better place for its residents. The city’s official tree and flower are the avocado and the hibiscus respectively.
La Habra Facts
Zip codes: 90631-90633
Area codes: 562 714
Population: 60239 (as per 2010 census)
County: Orange County
State: California
The City of La Habra
Referred to as a ‘quiet bedroom community’, La Habra is located close to many beaches, mountains and other recreation areas, making it a popular place for people to settle. The Children’s Museum at La Habra is a popular attraction. Similarly, the La Habra Depot Theatre has been providing a live stage theatre experience for the community for over two decades now. La Habra artists can rent the community art gallery to showcase their talent.

Truly, La Habra does appear to be a ‘caring community’.

However even the best of community intentions cannot change the hard earthquake facts brought forth by La Habra’s geological location. As per the data from the USGS, the likelihood of a large earthquake (measuring more than 5.0 in magnitude) occurring within 31 miles of the city in the next five decades is an incredible 97%. An even more destructive 6.5 magnitude earthquake has 50% chances of occurring within the same radius. Given such high probabilities, earthquake retrofitting and home foundation repairs are necessary actions home owners in La Habra have to take.

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