Fans of the TV series Two and a Half Men are familiar with the panorama of Malibu that often appears on screen. Malibu is a beautiful beachfront city in Los Angeles County and many movie stars own a home here. The city is a surfer’s paradise with its warm inviting beaches.
Malibu facts
Zip codes: 90263-65
Area codes: 310
Population: 12,645
County: Los Angeles
State: California
The City of Malibu
Malibu is small, prosperous and self contained community. The city has an annual international film festival as well as the Malibu Arts festival that is held in July every year. The city’s numerous beaches and beach front properties have served as location for films and TV shows. Apart from the Two and a Half Men series, the teen drama sensation Hannah Montana lives in Malibu. Certain crucial scenes for Planet of the Apes were filmed in Malibu. And an important character in Iron Man, Tony Stark lives in Malibu. Real estate prices in Malibu have always remained high possibly because of the scenic surroundings or the exclusivity of the residences or the possibility of having celebrity neighbors.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if your sizeable investment in property is reduced to rubble literally, all because you did not take precautions to earthquake proof your home? Lying close to the San Andreas Fault Line, Malibu is susceptible to frequent earthquakes and after shocks. Studying geological factors that influence the occurrence of earthquakes, experts at the USGS have indicated there is a 93.5% probability of a 5.0 magnitude earthquake with its epicenter within 31 miles of Malibu. The largest earthquake that occurred within a 100 mile radius of Malibu was in 1994 and measured 6.7 in magnitude.

Why Earthquake Proofing is Necessary in Malibu
The historical earthquake data within 100 miles of Malibu on the USGS database shows that smaller earthquakes ranging from 2.0 to 4.0 in magnitude are occurring continuously. In fact 5 such earthquakes have occurred in January 2012. While such earthquakes do not cause widespread destruction and are not even felt, they can cause cracks in the foundation of your home. Also if the home understructure is not firmly bolted to the foundation, it begins to get displaced, little by little every time, so when a major earthquake occurs, the damage sustained in very high.

You can protect the financial investment in your home as well as your loved ones by taking simple steps such as earthquake retrofitting and home foundation repairs. These are simple processes that reinforce the understructure of your home, making it less vulnerable to the constant seismic activities and thus more resistant to damages when bigger earthquakes occur. CXC Contracting urges home owners to consider these options in the safety interest of their homes and loved ones.

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