Fortifying Foundations – The City of Moorpark, CA

The City of Moorpark
The city was named in 1887 after the Moorpark apricots that grew all over the valley in that period. The city is well-known in the rest of Ventura County for its fireworks on July 3, as people can visit Moorpark for this show and still witness the same in their own city on July 4.

Moorpark is spread over a mere 12.44 square miles and is located at a distance of 50 miles from the Los Angeles Airport. This city is also famous for a number of huge parks with picnic pavilions, ball fields, basketball and tennis courts, and gymnasiums.

Moorpark Facts
ZIP codes: 93021-2804 (General Delivery), 93020 (P.O. Box)
Area codes: 805
Population: 34,421
County: Ventura
State: California
Center of Seismic Activities
The USGS research has brought to light that there is a 94.723% likelihood of a significant earthquake within 31 miles of the city of Moorpark within 50 years from now.

The major one within 100 miles of Moorpark, California was a 6.7 Magnitude tremor in 1994 – The Northridge Earthquake. The monstrous shudder shook the lives of thousands of people and caused approximately $20 billion in damages.

The constant threat of major and minor tremors looms large over the city of the Moorpark.

Earthquake Retrofitting and Foundation Repair
In the event of an earthquake, the direct effects are experienced by every single household in a city. It affects the calm and regularity in one’s lives. Your home is a treasure-house of a multitude of precious emotions and it’s supposed to be the most secure place in the world.

CXC has an objective of fortifying the foundational structure of your household so that it stands unshaken in the face of a seismic tremor.

CXC specializes in Earthquake retrofit and Foundation repair. These processes are aimed at strengthening the foundation of your residential or commercial premise so that it can resist the force of any earthquake. It assures added safety and minimum structural damage to your foundation. Get your foundation inspected today and give CXC an opportunity to make it stand tall against any seismic calamity.

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