Earthquake Facts about Newport Beach CA

Composed of a series of scenic villages like the Balboa Island, Lido Marina Village and others, Newport Beach is beach front city in Orange County. The characters in popular TV series ‘The OC’ supposedly live on Newport Beach. The city featured amongst the “top 10 property markets for 2011” across the US. According to the 2010 census, the median value for homes in the city is $1million.
Newport Beach Facts
Zip codes: 92657-92663
Area codes: 949
Population: 85186
County: Orange County
State: California
The City of Newport Beach
Newport Beach offers good surfing facilities at its various beaches. The Newport Harbor offers a variety of activities like sailing, fishing, rowing and kayaking and is the largest recreational harbor in the US. Competitive sailing and boating events are part of the city’s annual calendar. Various Newport Beach locations have been used in movies such as Cleopatra, Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion and others. Newport Beach is home to several celebrities like actors Humphrey Bogart and Nicolas Cage, writer Dean Koontz, singer Gwen Stefani and many others.

Newport Beach, however, is highly vulnerable to earthquakes. According to the USGS database, the chances of the next big earthquake occurring within 31 miles of Newport Beach in the next 50 years are close to 92%. An incredibly destructive 7.3 magnitude earthquake occurred within 100 miles of the city in 1992. Further, there are 50% chances that an of a 6.0 and above magnitude may occur.

Keep your High Value Newport Beach Home Safe
It would be a shame if your million dollar Newport Beach home is reduced to rubble just because you did not take the simple precaution of earthquake proofing it. A major earthquake is typically felt only for a few seconds. But such is the impact of those movements that they can easily overthrow your house if it is not earthquake retrofitted to enhance the structural strength.

The foundation on which your home rests is another potential area of structural weakness. If foundation has developed cracks or has become crumbly and porous, it can increase the extent of damage sustained during a major earthquake. Foundation repair can help reduce this risk. Elements of foundation repair include foundation replacement, addressing cracks and other damages and leveling the foundation.

CXC Contracting offers earthquake retrofitting and foundation repair services for residents in Newport Beach.

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