Will Earthquake Retrofitting save me on my insurance?

The short answer to this question is almost always “Yes.” However, it is difficult to provide more specific information without speaking to your insurance agent. The reason is that each policy is different, and in addition, those specific policies also change over time.

However, if you think about it, you’ll see that offering savings for homes that have been earthquake retrofitted makes sense for insurance companies. Those companies — whose rates are based on statistical estimates of damages caused — obviously have detailed information about the reduction in damage to homes that have the advantage of earthquake retrofitting.

We work with insurance companies
Since we know the importance of insurance cost savings, we’re happy to work with your insurance agent. We’ll show your agent the various kinds of retrofitting we recommend for your house, and the agent can then inform you what kinds of savings to expect.

After that, its simply a calculation of the cost of the retrofitting vs. the savings provided by the insurance company. Again, your insurance agent should be able to do a quick calculation for you that identifies the “break even point,” which is the time it will take to save more on your insurance than you spent on the retrofit.

Are there any examples?
Obviously, we can’t release the actual cost savings of other clients — that would be unethical. However, based on published information, we can tell you that most homeowners recover their costs within 3 to 8 years.

There is another factor, too: some insurance companies are establishing policy guidelines whereby certain houses may not be elgible for earthquake insurance at all unless they meet specific criteria. If you home does not meet that criteria, then the only way you’d be able to purchase insurance at all is by having your home earthquake retrofitted.

In any case, CXC Contracting can provide you with a free estimate. Call us now, before the next earthquake strikes!

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