Strengthening the Foundation of The City of Santa Monica

The city of Santa Monica is always full of life and on the go. There is a lot of fun, excitement and entertainment packed in the compact 8 square miles of this little center of attraction. Santa Monica is home to many a top-notch executives and Hollywood celebs. The pleasant climate and beautiful sunshine has facilitated extensive growth in tourism and the job-market since 1980.

Santa Monica government and the city’s inhabitants have performed commendably in using alternative sources of energy. Three out of four vehicles and all public buildings function on renewable energy.

Palisades Park is a major tourist spot famous for its lengthy walking stretch overlooking the magnificent Pacific Ocean. Miles of well-maintained shoreline, extensive recycling, farmers’ bazaars, public parks and the accessible bus-transport are some of the major features of the city of Santa Monica.

Santa Monica Facts
ZIP codes: 90401-90411
Area codes: 310/424
Population: 89,736
County: Los Angeles
State: California
The Seismic Threat
Santa Monica Film Festival is a famous attraction for international celebrities every year. The first ever Movie Theater started in 1912 and was known as the Majestic or Mayfair Theatre. Sadly, it was reduced to ruins after the horrendous Northridge earthquake in 1994. The memories of unprecedented loss of lives and colossal structural damage are still afresh in many people’s minds.

The USGS records predict a 94.644% probability of a quake of a magnitude of 5.0 within 31 miles Santa Monica, California by 2062.

Earthquake hazard reduction is the need of the hour for a city buzzing with so much activity. It is the most practical step to take for a secure future for your family and business.

Earthquake Retrofitting and Foundation Repair
CXC endeavors to contribute the best technological expertise to combat the hazards of an earthquake. An earthquake retrofit process aims at strengthening the bond between the floor and the walls of your household or commercial property.

Older constructions usually have weak foundations with corrosion, destabilized joints and lost fasteners. The strength of the building is at stake and such a building is at a huge risk in the event of a major tremor. Foundation repair by CXC is the perfect solution to analyze the strength of your building and fortify it for safety in future.

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