Earthquake Facts about Seal Beach, CA

Seal Beach, located in Orange County, is a popular beach side recreational city. Seal Beach boasts of the second longest wooden pier in California, which is a popular spot for fishing and sight-seeing. As with other beachside towns in Orange County, Seal Beach is a haven for surfing enthusiasts.
Seal Beach Facts
Zip codes: 562
Population: 24168
County: Orange County
State: California
The City of Seal Beach
The Main Street in Seal Beach was seen in the film American Pie 2 in the scene where the beach town gang drives through a street. The heart tugging Summer Song episode of the TV series The Wonder Years was shot on the Seal Beach Pier.

The Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge is home to endangered species such as the California Least Tern and the Savannah Sparrow. The highlights of a typical Seal Beach year are the Lion Club Pancake Breakfast in April and its Fish Fry Festival held in July. The Christmas Parade in December and the Kite Festival in September are other popular events in the city.

Besides these popular events, Seal Beach, unfortunately experiences continuous seismic events on account of its location close to one of the major geological faults in the earth’s surface. The sub-surface in Seal Beach experiences almost uninterrupted jolts and movements besides the risk of major earthquakes.

Earthquake Risk in Seal Beach
According to USGS database, the probability is 93% that Seal Beach will encounter an earthquake greater than 5.0 magnitude within 31 miles in the next 50 years. Also there are 72% chances that an earthquake of magnitude 5.6 might occur.

Due to continuous seismic activity, your home foundation and understructure can get weak, which increases the potential for damage during earthquakes.

Most homes rely on gravity to secure the base to the foundation and gravity is a downward (vertical) force. The earthquake forces are lateral (sideways) and very powerful and thus cannot be adequately neutralized by gravity alone. The earthquake forces can therefore cause your home to slide off its foundation. Earthquake retrofitting is the process whereby your home is secured to foundation by bolting and other means, so that gravity is no longer the only force at play. An earthquake retrofit home has greater chances of holding on its own (quite literally) during an earthquake.

When we talk of bolting the home to the foundation securely, it is imperative that the foundation itself is structurally intact so that it can offer the best support. Inherent weaknesses in the foundation can negate any retrofit efforts. The first step in earthquake protection is therefore foundation evaluation and foundation repair.

Contact CXC Contracting for professional earthquake retrofitting and foundation repair services in Seal Beach.

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