We offer a range of services to protect your house

Crawl space repair
Often the only access to your house’s plumbing, electrical, foundation and other structure elements, a properly constructed crawl space is critical.
Drainage systems
Water is an extremely damaging element, and every house must have proper drainage systems in order to keep water flowing away from the structure. Small issues — if improperly addressed — can often turn into major problems later on.
Earthquake retrofitting
Also known as “seismic retrofitting,” earthquake retrofitting involves modifying your house’s structure in order to make it more resistant to ground motion, seismic activity, or soil failure. It is your best protection against the constant seismic activity in southern California, of all sizes.
Floor leveling
Many of use take for granted that the floors of our house are level. In fact, very few floors are. While a microscopic amount of variance in level is normal, substantial level differences can cause a number of problems.
Foundation repair
Your entire house rests upon a foundation, which is the fundamental support system. Numerous problems can result from cracked, weak, and poorly designed foundations. It is important to detect and repair these issues before they cause major damage.
French drains
Mainly consisting of a trench covered with rock or gravel, the purpose of a french drain is to redirect groundwater and surface water away from your house, or any other structure on your property.
House bolting
Much like a seatbelt protects you in a car, house bolting will protect your home. It is simply the process of securing your house to its foundation, so that during seismic activity, it does not slide off the foundation, which can cause serious damage.
House leveling
More involved than floor leveling, house leveling is the process of making adjustments to your house’s foundation in order to bring the entire structure into level.
Sump pumps
Depending on the way your house sits on the land, it may require a sump pump in order to remove water that accumulates in the structure (often in the basement or crawl space).
Although it is necessary to all life, water can be one of the most damaging elements to any structure. Making sure that your house is waterproofed against rain, sprinklers, and any other water feature is critical to the life of your home.

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