Crawl Space Repair — fixing the “hidden” problems

You’ve heard the expression “out of sight, out of mind?” That’s the perfect description for how most people feel when asked to address their crawl space issues. Unfortunately, while you may ignore your crawl space, it’s generally not possible to ignore the results of problems in the hidden area.
What is a crawl space?
Your home’s crawl space serves two essential purposes. For one thing, it allows access to many of the utility (like plumbing an electrical) functions in your house — not to mention your floorboards, foundation, and drainage systems.Additionally, a crawl space will — ideally — foster good air circulation throughout your house.This air circulation function, while essential, can also be one of the primary problem areas.

What’s wrong with our air?
Poorly designed crawl spaces, or those compromised over time by encroaching moisture, house settling, or shoddy construction, can send tainted air into your home. The reason is that any water that gets into the crawl space in the first place will eventually evaporate, and work its way into your living area.Given the information that’s come to light over the last few decades regarding the health hazards of mold, you can understand that it’s vital to keep the crawl space as dry and mold and spore-free as possible. This is where a program of waterproofing comes in.

How can I detect crawl space problems?
The symptoms are most often mold on your baseboards (or other surfaces), wood rot, sagging and warped floors, condensation that appears on your windows, or a high electric bill. When you detect those things, give the experts at CXC Construction a call immediately. We’ll give you a free analysis and estimate on what it takes to address the problems.Don’t wait — call now. Because those problems are only going to get worse, and the safety of your home and family are at risk.

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