Floor leveling and your house

What are the signs that tell you your floors are not level? We’ve all seen them: various windows and doors in your home don’t close or open properly. Your plaster or drywall ceilings and walls begin to present visible cracks. In more extreme situations, you can perform a simple but effective test: place a marble or other round object on a floor you believe is not level. It it rolls “down hill,” you’ve got your answer!.You may just view these problems as annoyances that you can live with. However, they are probably just symptoms: the outward manifestations of a much more serious issue: problems with your home’s foundation.

Why your floor is not level
Soil that was improperly compacted is one of the most common causes of problems in your foundation, which results in your unlevel floor. At the time your house was built, the contractor is supposed to “compact” or pack the dirt down to hardness that is specified in the building code. In cases where this compaction was not performed correctly, your house tends to “settle,” something that often happens fairly soon after the construction is completed..In other cases, your house may have been “expansive soil” It may look and feel solid during a cursory examination, but doesn’t have the solidity needed to support a large structure like a house.

In these instances, while the obvious effects may be clearly visible, the underlying problem — foundation issues — may not. We at CXC Contracting perform a detailed inspection, which may reveal breaks or cracks in your home’s foundation. Should we find problems, it’s important that foundation repairs be performed as soon as possible, both to protect your house against catastrophic events like earthquakes, and to prevent future settling from occurring.

How we make your floor level
Floor leveling is a big job that must be performed by an experienced contractor. But given the use of the proper materials and techniques, leveling your floor can be a relatively painless process. Where other types of construction can render your living situation extremely uncomfortable, a great deal of the floor leveling process occurs “under the surface.” That does not, however, mean that is easy to do.At CXC Contracting, we know how to level your floor correctly without causing any additional damage in the process. Once we gain a thorough understanding of the underlying problem and its cause, we resolve the issue or issues using several different solutions, from soil compaction to foundation repair; steel or cement columns to waterproofing.

Plus, we recognize that here are several different ways to level a floor depending on the specific cause of the problem. A thorough and proper inspection will determine the correct way to level your house without causing more damage.When all is said and done, your home will remain level for many years, and you can say goodbye once and for all to those annoying problems with your windows, doors, walls and floors!

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