The importance of Waterproofing

We’ve all seen the damage that water can cause. Rotted wood, peeling paint, mold, and a host of other problems — both structural and cosmetic — can result from water entering your home.Ideally, proper water-proofing should happen when your home is originally constructed. This involves constructing a proper “drainage plane” from the top of the roof to the bottom of the foundation. How is it done? Using a variety of materials, from felt paper (also call “tarpaper” or “roofing paper”) to metal shielding, the contractor sets up a system that effectively keeps water from entering the structure of your house.
Why problems occur
Unfortunately, the most common cause of water-related issues is improper materials and installation. To truly waterproof a house takes knowledge, the right materials, and a lot of care and time. When builders skimp on the essentials, it can have disastrous results.Often, the symptoms of improper waterproofing don’t show up for years. In addition to dry weather, the effect may be delayed by the amount of time it takes water to penetrate whatever efforts have been made to keep it out. But once it does, it can wreak havoc.
What to do about water
Waterproofing “after the fact” involves two critical steps. First is detection. This can be incredibly difficult, and involves diligence and patience on the part of your contractor. Because of the way water travels, determining where the leak occurs is a challenge. Water can travel over 50 feet along beams and other structural elements before landing at its destination!So that peeling paint that you see in your living may be caused by water that’s entering your house two rooms away and down a hallway! At CXC Contracting, our experience in tracking down the actual source of your problem is served by more than 20 years in the field.The second step is treatment. Don’t be fooled by the fact that your leak is a 2-inch area where several rooflines meet. in order to address the issue, it may be necessary to remove a much larger portion of the roof, and reassemble the materials underneath. Remember, truly effective waterproofing involves an unbroken system from top to bottom.

Besides reformulating the structure, we may add a Sump Pump to your house, which can be an important part of removing water from the area.

When you should consider waterproofing
Almost everyone has seen the damage that water can cause. And because water is so corrosive, those problems can often increase at an exponential rate. Should you notice any of the symptoms of water damage, call us immediately. The sooner we address the issue, the more we can minimize permanent damage to your home.

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