Earthquake Facts about Ventura, CA

Ventura, the county seat of the Ventura County, is scenic seaside city. Nicknamed the city of ‘good fortune’, Ventura offers a range of amenities to its residents through the Ventura City Council. A haven to shoppers and surfers, the city is also home to Ventura Ventures Technology Centre, a business incubator set-up to help budding entrepreneurs in high-tech areas.
Ventura Facts
Zip codes: 93001-93007, 93009
Area Codes: 805
Population: 106,433
County: Ventura
State: California
The City of Ventura
The city is a lively bustling place with its museums, art galleries, beaches and shopping areas. The Ventura Harbor has exquisite sea-food restaurants and houses the headquarters of the Channel Islands National Park. Ferry departs regularly from the Ventura Harbor to Channel Islands.

Though called the ‘city of good fortune’, Ventura is unfortunately located in a geologically unstable area, making it vulnerable to earthquakes. The largest earthquake measuring 6.7 in magnitude occurred in 1994 within 100 miles of Ventura. The USGS database predicts that the probability of a large earthquake (5.0 magnitude and more) within a 31 mile radius of the city in the next 50 years is close to 93%. The probability still remains high at 72% when the earthquake magnitude goes up to 5.7.

Implications for Home Safety
Home safety is the number one concern of home owners in the earthquake prone areas like Ventura. When the chances of earthquake are known to be high, it is prudent to take measures to fortify your home and minimize damages. Hesitating to earthquake retrofit your home or putting off foundation repairs now can well be decisions you will regret later. These simple procedures make your home more resistant to earthquake damages and not only protect the financial investment in your home, but also the lives of your loved ones.

CXC Contracting professional earthquake retrofitting and foundation repair solutions are customized to the specific requirements of your property. The aim of these procedures is to reduce the impact of the continuous minor seismic instabilities so that structural integrity of your house is maintained during major seismic upheavals (higher magnitude earthquakes).

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