Earthquake Retrofit - Protecting Whittier Households against Earthquake

The City of Whittier

Whittier has evolved into an upscale suburban society due to its strong cultural background and visionary ideology of its people. Over the years, prudent planning by the city government has led to the development of a safe and secure community with a well-preserved infrastructure.

Whittier, CA – Facts
Area codes: 562
Population: 85,331
County: Los Angeles
State: California
Earthquakes and Whittier

A major aftershock shook the city yet again 3 days later. Most old constructions were considered unsafe for habitation after that.

Another major earthquake within 100 miles of Whittier, California erupted to the extent of 7.3 Magnitude in 1992. Since its epicenter was out in the Mojave Desert, the damages and loss of lives was not as significant as it could have been.

The U.S. Geological Survey findings forecast a 97.336% likelihood of a huge tremor with a force of 5.0 within 31 miles radius of Whittier, California in the coming few decades.

Earthquake Retrofit and Foundation Repair

CXC has explored advanced possibilities to avert any such situation and has come up with modern earthquake retrofitting and foundation repair services.

An urgent step needs to be taken to guarantee safety of your family and your house. Contact the experienced team at CXC to inspect and strengthen your building with earthquake retrofit measures.

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