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Soft Story Retrofitting

The ground-story level of buildings is much less rigid than the stories above and is more susceptible to earthquake damage due to large, unreinforced openings, including garages within their wood-frame construction. Current ordinances in the City of Los Angeles require older soft-story buildings to be retrofitted for earthquake preparedness. Our professional team can help existing soft-story structures withstand large amounts of stress from an earthquake. We’re adequately equipped to address the issues of soft-story construction. Our highly skilled team members strengthen the lateral components of soft-story buildings and install additional supports to keep buildings standing strong.

Earthquake Retrofitting

One of our specialties at CXC Contracting is earthquake retrofitting, where we modify your house’s structure, making it more resistant to ground motion, seismic activity, or soil failure. To deal with the extensive damage that can result from an earthquake, we’ve developed a comprehensive list of earthquake retrofitting services to help recover from an earthquake in the best way possible. Our services can include installing structural reinforcements to strengthen the building and prevent the roof from pulling apart or collapsing in an earthquake. This process may involve installing continuity ties, roof-to-wall anchors, roof nailing, cord plates, exterior steel, and draglines.
Further action can be taken through foundation bolting, waterproofing, and more. With our extensive research and implementation of professional practices, we believe our earthquake retrofitting procedure is your best protection against the constant seismic activity in Southern California of all sizes.

Your Trusted Source for Helical Piers in Oxnard, CA

When it comes to securing your construction project's foundation in Oxnard, CA, helical piers are the cost-effective solution you've been searching for. At CXC Contracting, we specialize in expertly installing helical piers to provide the essential support your structure needs, especially when it's built on less-than-ideal soil conditions.

Enhancing Stability with Helical Piers in Oxnard

Helical piers, also known as screw piles, are advanced foundation support systems ideal for stabilizing structures in challenging soil conditions. Featuring helical-shaped plates on a central steel shaft, they're installed by screwing into the ground, transferring the load to more stable soil layers. At CXC Contracting, we specialize in expertly installing helical piers in Oxnard, offering a cost-effective and reliable solution for secure foundations on less-than-ideal soil.

House Leveling

If you have a house that isn’t level, the visible signs of cracked walls or uneven floors may seem of minimal annoyance, but they are often a sign of more serious problems. At CXC Contracting, our team is highly experienced at leveling homes that have settled or were built on “problem soil.”

Our house-leveling process at CXC Contracting is a very non-invasive procedure with much work taking place “beneath the surface.” Our team is highly skilled in ensuring damage will not occur to your structure. The entire process can last several weeks, as performing a quick fix may cause additional cracking and settling. With our careful and calculated adjustment, your house will be level for years to come, and you can put your worries of uneven doors, windows, floors, and walls away for good.

Expert Foundation Repair Services in Oxnard, CA

At CXC Contracting, we understand that your home's foundation is the bedrock of your property – the very essence of structural integrity. We emphasize the critical importance of maintaining a strong and healthy foundation, as it forms the basis for the stability and safety of your entire home. If you're in need of foundation repair in Oxnard, CA, our experienced team is here to address your concerns and provide the solutions you require.

What Is Foundation Repair?

Comprehensive foundation repair involves a thorough approach to addressing structural issues that may compromise the stability of your construction project in Oxnard. At CXC Contracting, our expert team specializes in assessing and rectifying various foundation problems, ensuring the long-term structural integrity of your building. Count on us for cost-effective solutions tailored to your project's needs, providing reliable and comprehensive foundation repairs.

Floor Leveling

Uneven floors are often one of the signs of earthquake damage or inadequate soil support. If you have a sloped, uneven floor that is uncomfortable to walk on, our professionals can come to your rescue with expert floor leveling service.

Following a thorough inspection and analysis of the underlying problem, we’ll determine the best measure to restore your floors to their original level state. Much of our leveling process occurs “beneath the surface,” and we’ll make every effort to interrupt your routine as little as possible and without causing any damage. Whether your issue is poor soil, water damage, or house structure issues, we’ll take every step to get you back to a level playing field once again.

House Bolting

Before 1950 specifications, not all houses were built and bolted to their foundations. House bolting then became a regular practice once the effects of earthquakes on houses were better understood. And even if a home is bolted to the foundation, it may not be adequately bolted.

When you contact CXC Contracting, we can perform an inspection to determine if your house is sufficiently bolted to its foundation. We’ll supply you with a detailed report of our findings and recommendations. This can include the suggested use of wall bracing, hold-down brackets, foundation plates, and bolts. We make it a point to stay on top of the latest techniques to secure your home against the potential damage from earthquakes.

Drainage System Repair/Analysis

Keeping surface water channeled away from your home is of utmost importance in maintaining the integrity of your home’s foundation. Not only does standing water cause soggy wallboard and plaster and weakened structural elements, but it can also promote the growth of mold, spores, and other unhealthy organic material that can cause serious health problems for humans and animals.

Our team can thoroughly inspect your property and offer informed recommendations on the need for an effective drainage system. If you are concerned about your current surface water condition or want to safeguard against the damaging effects of water, contact us for a consultation.


We all know the problems that water can cause if it enters your living space. Rotted wood, peeling paint, mold, and other related issues can occur if your home is not properly waterproofed. When home builders skimp on the essential details, disastrous results can occur from running water. At CXC Contracting, our waterproofing team is highly trained on the many steps of water remediation. We have more than 20 years of experience tracking water issues' sources and properly addressing the problem. We know the telltale signs and how to follow the tracks that lead to the source of the issue.

Depending on the severity of any water damage, our waterproofing treatment efforts may involve:

  • Removing a portion of the roof
  • Reassembling or replacing materials inside the home
  • Installing a sump pump in your basement or crawl space in addition to sealing up any tiny holes that can allow in an abundance of water

Contact us today for our professional waterproofing service. The sooner we address your issue, the more we can minimize any damage.

French Drain Installation/Repair

Installing a French drain is one common way homeowners carry water away from their structure. These are also called perimeter drains, land drains, or rock drains, among others. French drains consist of a trench filled with gravel and holding a pipe with holes. The trench is installed on a slope, allowing the pipe to carry water away for effective draining. Since these are often filled with grass or shrubs and can even sit below porches or sidewalks, they can often hide the appearance of the drain.

French drains will, at some point, need to be dug up and cleaned. These drains can also be located in the interior of a home, in a basement, or even connected to a sump pump. Contact us to learn more about using a French drain for effective water drainage.

Sump Pump Installation

If you have a basement in your home, installing a sump pump can offer peace of mind in cases of flooding or even living in an area with a low water table. Sump pumps are two-part devices that collect unwanted water and pump it up to the ground level to allow it to drain away from your house.
Here at CXC Contracting, we encourage homeowners not to wait until a water disaster occurs to install a sump pump. If you are concerned about the potential for standing water in your basement, contact us for an inspection. Our professionals will inform you about the potential need for a sump pump.

Crawl Space Repair and Cleaning

Your house’s crawl space – that one space that’s always out of sight and mind. Crawl spaces can be convenient for utility lines and plumbing and provide good air circulation. But once ignored and not routinely inspected, a crawl space can become the source of issues in your home, such as mold, standing water, rotted wood, and more.

If you suspect issues with your crawl space or want to prevent problems from arising, contact us at CXC Contracting, Inc. for an inspection. We’ll give you a free analysis and estimate on a plan to address any crawl space issues.

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